Puppy Introduction

Introducing Your Puppy To Grooming Early Establishes Positive Associations, Reduces Anxiety And Sets A Routine. This Initial Experience Also Allows Groomers To Assess The Puppy's Health And Address Potential Issues, Creating A Foundation For A Lifetime Of Stress-Free Grooming.

Bath, Brush & Fluff Dry

Regular Baths, Brushing, And Fluff-Drying In-Between Full Grooms Are Crucial To Maintain A Dog's Hygiene, Prevent Matting And Keep Their Coat Healthy. This Routine Helps Remove Dirt, Loose Fur And Odours, Ensuring The Dog Stays Comfortable And Contributes To A Well-Groomed Appearance.

Full Groom

A Full Groom For A Dog Is Essential To Maintain Their Overall Health And Well-Being, Addressing Aspects Like Coat Hygiene, Nail Care And Ear Cleaning. It Also Enhances The Dog's Comfort, Prevents Matting And Contributes To Their Overall Happiness & Cleanliness.

VIP Pooch Spa Package

The VIP Pooch Spa Package Offers A Luxurious Experience That Includes Premium Treatments. It's Designed To Pamper Your Dog With Indulgent Care, Ensuring They Not Only Look Their Best But Also Enjoy A Spa Retreat For Ultimate Comfort & Happiness.

Mineral Mud Mask

Our Mineral Mud Mask Offers Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation And Nourishment For Your Dogs Skin And Coat. After Indulging In This De-Shedding Treatment, Your Dog Will Emerge Feeling Silky Soft, Rejuvenated & Revitalised.

Anal Gland Expression

Untreated Blocked Anal Glands Can Be Painful & Irritating For Your Dog.

Nail Trim

Overgrown Nails Can Cause Discomfort, Pain & Lead To Infections.